Architectural Control Committee

To view the PDF files, you will need to download Adobe PDF Reader here.

Are you Planning a Summer Project? A new Fence? A shed? Exterior painting? If so, an ACC application may be required. Also, thirty days’ notice is required on all applications.

Click the link below to download a PDF file of the ACC Application. If you are unable to view this file, please email the property manager.

Note: ACC Applications must be submitted and approved before any work is started.

Download an ACC Application Here.

Common ACC Guideline Questions:

Fireworks – Fireworks are prohibited in common areas. Proper disposal of debris is required within 24 hours of use/holiday. In Puyallup, fireworks have restrictions. The only time they may legally be discharged is from 9am until 11pm on July 4th. This information should be used as a starting point. Contact your local police or fire department to inquire about local rules, ordinances, and laws before purchasing or using fireworks.

Air Conditioning Units (Portable) – Internal upright units that vent out via hoses are highly recommended as they have zero visibility on the outside of the house. Window units can be used from May 1 to September 30 without ACC approval. Window units left installed after October 1st will be in violation.

Air Conditioning Units / Heat Pumps (Central) – Units must be professionally installed behind a fence if placed on the side of a house or in the rear yard so that it’s not visible from the front street.

Fences must be constructed of cedar (not fir), the 4×4 posts must be set 8 feet apart, it must follow the natural grade of the lot, a 2×4 must be present on the top of the fence, a 1×4 cedar board must be present on the exterior side of the lot and a 2×4 must be present on the interior side of the lot, 1x5x5 cedar cap with beveled edge must cap off each post and the fence must be stained with In-Wood Pecan Stain.

Fences are permitted on side and rear property lines up to the front wall of the primary residence or within 20 feet of the front lot line. Fences are not permitted between the front lot line and the front wall. Its highly recommended fences be constructed entirely on one homeowner’s property, so ownership is clear.

Fences must be stained with the approved product: Olympic Elite Woodland Oil – color-“Mountain Cedar” The board has approved this new stain and color due to the discontinuation of the prior HOA approved stain. (This new approved stain may be purchased at Lowes)

Satellite Dishes – Must be professionally installed. Every attempt must be made to limit the dish’s visibility from the front of the house. It cannot be installed on any fences or on posts in yards.

Sheds – Must be of wood construction only, metal, and plastic sheds are forbidden, painted to match the residential house, roofing of similar look/type material as the residential house, preferably placed out of view from the street behind an approved fence.