Monthly CC&R Highlight 

August 2017

This is to raise community awareness of existing CC&Rs.  Please contact our management company; JC Higgins & Associates with any questions or for clarification or 253-841-0111 Ext 122



Announcement Regarding our replacement of the Perimeter Fence project! (click here)

RULES NOTIFICATION: in a recent round of friendly reminder letters, some homeowners were informed that it is permissible to store waste bins up against the side of their homes. This was a form letter that had incorrect information for our association; In fact, all bins except the blue yard waste cans must be stored out of sight (in the garage or behind the fence - your choice). Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 




Park hours are dawn to dusk. All pets must be leashed while in park, and pet feces collected. Damage to play structure or park area can result in fines to the homeowner. Violence and vandalism are strictly prohibited. Supervision is recommended on play equipment. To Report general concerns for repairs etc.:


Life threatening Emergencies: call 911.





Monthly Board Meeting

Wednesday January 24th 6:30 PM  

South Hill Library (small conference room) 



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Welcome to the Lipoma Firs North Home Owners Association's website. We are a community of homes located behind the Lipoma Firs Golf Course in Puyallup, WA. This site is intended to help current and prospective homeowners learn more about our community. Also, we have supplied you with links, which will allow you to easily view our governing documents, contact our HOA Board members, find services within our local community, along with many other items.


(Please Note: You are currently logged on to the only Officially Recognized Website of Lipoma Firs North Phase 1 HOA Puyallup, WA. Any information regarding Lipoma Firs North Phase 1 gained from any other electronic source including any Facebook pages should be verified before being considered factual)



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